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That which is measured and reported is improved

DES ENERGY can support all your gas, electric and water metering needs ensuring accuracy and cost-effective site metering through our complete, unbiased management service.

Bosch Phantom Edge

DES Energy offers the next generation of energy monitoring in the form of the new BOSCH Phantom; an industry first Artificial Intelligent (AI)| Cloud Based energy monitoring solution.

The Phantom, non-intrusively, measures the harmonic  signatures of individual devices to monitor real-time loads.

This variable electrical usage enables DES Energy to measure the individual energy consumption pattern and take proactive measures to mitigate wasted energy.

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DES Energy and Energy Monitoring

Combined with our unique comprehensive consultation and support service, DES Energy can accurately determine and design your future energy reduction projects with improved return on investment, energy performance and reduced carbon emissions.

The BOSCH Phantom system provides the additional benefits of enabling us to identify faults so that we can  continually optimise your systems, improving operation and efficiency of devices which directly reduces your periodic maintenance costs.

Bosch Phantom Edge

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